When it comes to at home-viewing experiences, we’re not interested in doing things halfway! There is so much great tech available these days that’ll allow you to take your home cinema setup to the next level.

Watching shows or movies in ultra-high definition only enhances the home theatre experience, as crystal-clear picture completely immerses you in cinematic new worlds.

As TV installation experts, we are often asked about the benefits of 4K television and whether it’s worth getting. Here, we take a look!

What is 4K?

Before we jump into why it’s so great, here’s a quick refresher about what 4K actually is.

4K also referred to as ultra-high definition (UHD) is a screen resolution of 3,840 pixels x 2,160 pixels, meaning you get four times the number of pixels as you do with a HD 1080p TV.

Ultimately, higher resolution gives you a clearer picture and more vibrant viewing experience. 4K gives a level of detail that many film enthusiasts seek, making screens with 4K capabilities a great option for home cinema setups.

If you’re still not convinced, below we breakdown all the benefits of 4K!

Enhanced Clarity, Detail and Image Quality

One of the main reasons to choose 4K is something we’ve already briefly touched on – the exceptional level of clarity your screen will achieve. Tiny details are brought into focus, giving a life-like quality to the content you are watching.

Many viewers notice that the image is crisper with reduced visual noise when screened in 4K. Colours will also be more vibrant, with your TV able to offer a full spectrum of colours with new depth.

This is not only great for big blockbuster movies but will also enhance the experience when watching sport and other dynamic visuals.

A TV with a movie playing

Increased Image Depth

General image quality is not the only thing that 4K will give; you will also see a better image depth.

This makes long-distance shots more dynamic and can also give the illusion that you are watching something in 3D!

Immersive, Cinematic Experience at Home

With a greater level of detail and crisper picture-quality, your viewing experiences will be far more immersive, dropping you right into the on-screen action! All of this helps to boost your at-home cinema experience.

Home cinemas continue to become more popular, but you need the tech to back up your cinema setup!

4K TVs are a great option for home cinemas as they provide amazing next-level visuals while still being accessible to those looking to enter the world of home theatres.

Opportunity to Enjoy More 4K Content

With the popularity and availability of 4K TVs growing every year, the variety and amount of 4K content are also growing exponentially.

As 4K is the norm for most modern television sets, it seems counterintuitive to waste this on lower-quality content!

Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus are continuously adding to their online libraries of movies and TV shows that are shot in 4K, broadening your ultra-high definition horizons.

The Netflix logo on a TV

Upgrades Regular TV Viewing Experiences

As the technology progresses, we may get to a point where everything is available in 4K, but right now, when you’re watching normal terrestrial TV, it won’t be in 4K resolution.

However, a 4K TV’s processing engine can upscale regular content, improving clarity and detail across the board. Although regular content will still not be as high quality as 4K content, you will see an improvement when compared to the standard performance of a non-4K TV.

Availability of 4K HDR

4K high dynamic range (HDR) adds yet another level of detail to the content you are watching.

HDR technology is all about increasing the contrasts between colours, making the brightest whites and deepest blacks more detailed. This helps all the colours in between pop, adding new levels of vividity.

While watching something in 4K HDR, you’ll notice textures and visual nuance that would have been impossible to see on a standard TV.

4K is the Future

We’ve seen plenty of TV trends come and go over the years – who remembers the quick flash of at-home 3D TVs? Unlike the 3D tech, 4K is here to stay.

If you invest in a new TV these days, it’ll likely be 4K – this isn’t something that is just reserved for the higher-end models.

As the trend towards bigger screens continues, the number of people with 4K TVs in their homes will dramatically increase over the next few years.

With the increasing amount of 4K content, those without 4K capabilities may well start to notice that they are missing out on something.

Is 4K Worth Getting?

As you can see from the benefits, we think in most cases a 4K TV is well worth investing in, but there are some further things to consider.

If you’re not interested in having a bigger TV, getting 4K will probably not be beneficial. The size of the screen directly impacts how much 4K capabilities can shine; you won’t notice the benefits of 4K on a smaller TV, and it is not available on anything less than 40-inches.

Unsurprisingly, 4K also costs more than a regular screen. However, as 4K TVs become more mainstream, their price is beginning to plummet, and for those looking to enhance their home cinema experience, the price is worth it for the benefits provided.

If you’re now itching to get a 4K television of your own and would like some expert help when it comes to installation, get in touch with our team today!

Here a JL Audio Visual, we offer exceptional home cinema solutions, from consultation to cabling and installation, we’ll help you achieve your ultimate home cinema dreams in no time!


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