The Benefits of Smart Speakers

Many of us are no stranger to the ‘smart’ label that gets slapped in front of various pieces of tech these days. From smart homes to smart cars, all aspects of our daily lives are getting an AI boost.

Smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home are becoming an increasingly more commonplace addition to many of our homes, but are they worth the hype? For those that are still not convinced about adding a smart speaker to their tech repertoire, we consider the various benefits.

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What is a Smart Speaker?

The thing that sets smart speakers apart from regular speakers is the inclusion of a built-in artificially intelligent virtual assistant that connects to the internet.

This allows you to essentially talk to your speaker and ask it to perform tasks or facilitate other features.

Convenience With Voice Controls

A big draw of these kinds of speakers is the added convenience they can give you. As your speaker has the capability to understand you, you can control it with just your voice, asking it to play certain songs or specific playlists.

Once your speaker is hooked up to your Spotify or Amazon Music account, you can ask your speaker to play your favourite tunes without the need to scroll through your phone.

However, if you prefer to connect your phone, you can do that via Bluetooth – smart speakers give you plenty of options!

A glowing Amazon smart speaker

Multi-Room Audio Potential

If you have multiple smart speakers dotted around your house, you can easily play the same music in various rooms without the need to manually connect the separate speakers.

Provided they are connected to the same internet network and are on the same account, you’ll have an effortless, multi-room sound system ready to go!

Increased Sound Quality

When connecting your phone to a regular Bluetooth speaker, you might experience crackling or poor quality sound if you move your phone too far away. That is not the case with a smart speaker that relies on your Wi-Fi connection.

As they’re already a fairly advanced piece of kit, it comes as no surprise that the actual sound quality of smart speakers is not to be sneered at. Most smart speakers will allow for a powerful bass and clear vocals, allowing you to listen to a versatile collection of tracks with consistent quality.

A Google Home by an Apple and a pile of books

Additional Features

Another big bonus of smart speakers is the additional functions they have – they are not simply confined to playing music.

Through a smart speaker, you can set up alarms and reminders to help you stay organised. You can also ask your speaker’s assistant about a particular query or ask for a news readout.

When integrated into your home, you can also use smart speakers to control other smart devices like lightbulbs or thermostats.

We think that with all these benefits, you’re set to make a pretty sound investment!

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The Benefits of 4K Television

When it comes to at home-viewing experiences, we’re not interested in doing things halfway! There is so much great tech available these days that’ll allow you to take your home cinema setup to the next level.

Watching shows or movies in ultra-high definition only enhances the home theatre experience, as crystal-clear picture completely immerses you in cinematic new worlds.

As TV installation experts, we are often asked about the benefits of 4K television and whether it’s worth getting. Here, we take a look!

What is 4K?

Before we jump into why it’s so great, here’s a quick refresher about what 4K actually is.

4K also referred to as ultra-high definition (UHD) is a screen resolution of 3,840 pixels x 2,160 pixels, meaning you get four times the number of pixels as you do with a HD 1080p TV.

Ultimately, higher resolution gives you a clearer picture and more vibrant viewing experience. 4K gives a level of detail that many film enthusiasts seek, making screens with 4K capabilities a great option for home cinema setups.

If you’re still not convinced, below we breakdown all the benefits of 4K!

Enhanced Clarity, Detail and Image Quality

One of the main reasons to choose 4K is something we’ve already briefly touched on – the exceptional level of clarity your screen will achieve. Tiny details are brought into focus, giving a life-like quality to the content you are watching.

Many viewers notice that the image is crisper with reduced visual noise when screened in 4K. Colours will also be more vibrant, with your TV able to offer a full spectrum of colours with new depth.

This is not only great for big blockbuster movies but will also enhance the experience when watching sport and other dynamic visuals.

A TV with a movie playing

Increased Image Depth

General image quality is not the only thing that 4K will give; you will also see a better image depth.

This makes long-distance shots more dynamic and can also give the illusion that you are watching something in 3D!

Immersive, Cinematic Experience at Home

With a greater level of detail and crisper picture-quality, your viewing experiences will be far more immersive, dropping you right into the on-screen action! All of this helps to boost your at-home cinema experience.

Home cinemas continue to become more popular, but you need the tech to back up your cinema setup!

4K TVs are a great option for home cinemas as they provide amazing next-level visuals while still being accessible to those looking to enter the world of home theatres.

Opportunity to Enjoy More 4K Content

With the popularity and availability of 4K TVs growing every year, the variety and amount of 4K content are also growing exponentially.

As 4K is the norm for most modern television sets, it seems counterintuitive to waste this on lower-quality content!

Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus are continuously adding to their online libraries of movies and TV shows that are shot in 4K, broadening your ultra-high definition horizons.

The Netflix logo on a TV

Upgrades Regular TV Viewing Experiences

As the technology progresses, we may get to a point where everything is available in 4K, but right now, when you’re watching normal terrestrial TV, it won’t be in 4K resolution.

However, a 4K TV’s processing engine can upscale regular content, improving clarity and detail across the board. Although regular content will still not be as high quality as 4K content, you will see an improvement when compared to the standard performance of a non-4K TV.

Availability of 4K HDR

4K high dynamic range (HDR) adds yet another level of detail to the content you are watching.

HDR technology is all about increasing the contrasts between colours, making the brightest whites and deepest blacks more detailed. This helps all the colours in between pop, adding new levels of vividity.

While watching something in 4K HDR, you’ll notice textures and visual nuance that would have been impossible to see on a standard TV.

4K is the Future

We’ve seen plenty of TV trends come and go over the years – who remembers the quick flash of at-home 3D TVs? Unlike the 3D tech, 4K is here to stay.

If you invest in a new TV these days, it’ll likely be 4K – this isn’t something that is just reserved for the higher-end models.

As the trend towards bigger screens continues, the number of people with 4K TVs in their homes will dramatically increase over the next few years.

With the increasing amount of 4K content, those without 4K capabilities may well start to notice that they are missing out on something.

Is 4K Worth Getting?

As you can see from the benefits, we think in most cases a 4K TV is well worth investing in, but there are some further things to consider.

If you’re not interested in having a bigger TV, getting 4K will probably not be beneficial. The size of the screen directly impacts how much 4K capabilities can shine; you won’t notice the benefits of 4K on a smaller TV, and it is not available on anything less than 40-inches.

Unsurprisingly, 4K also costs more than a regular screen. However, as 4K TVs become more mainstream, their price is beginning to plummet, and for those looking to enhance their home cinema experience, the price is worth it for the benefits provided.

If you’re now itching to get a 4K television of your own and would like some expert help when it comes to installation, get in touch with our team today!

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Should I Get a TV Aerial or a Satellite Dish?

We often take getting a good TV signal for granted, relying on signal receivers to silently provide crystal clear picture for our television screens while we watch on without giving a thought to satellite dishes or TV aerials.

If you would like to take your TV setup to the next level, here at JL Audio Visual, we offer a range of services including TV installation, cabling and satellite or aerial solutions.

A good TV viewing experience often comes down to the signal provided by your satellite or aerial. Here, we look at which is the better option is for your home.


One of the first categories that many homeowners who are looking for a more basic TV setup will consider when comparing satellite and aerials is the cost of each.

On its own, a satellite will be cheaper to install, but as satellites require an additional decoder to translate the signal the price is hiked up. This usually makes satellite installation much more expensive than aerial installation.

Most modern TVs are also sold with aerial connections, making buying and connecting an aerial far simpler and cheaper.

Satellites are more complex, meaning there will be a higher expense to ensure it is fully functioning.

Coverage and Reception Levels

Where you live can have an effect on the kind of signal you receive, and therefore, the type of signal receiver that you should install.

On the whole, a satellite will give you a better signal, especially if you live in a hilly area that is more likely to disrupt terrestrial TV services and receive poor aerial signal.

Satellite offers better coverage as signal is beamed from above and is not obstructed by the landscape, trees or buildings like land-based transmission towers would be.

For reliable, strong signal, satellite will prove the better option.

A satellite dish attached to a wall

Number of TVs

The number of televisions in your house can also affect whether you opt for a satellite dish or TV aerial.

Feeding extra TVs into an aerial is far easier than if you wanted a satellite to support more than one television. When setting up multiple TVs with an aerial, you can bring all of the cables back to the central aerial point and fit a splitter to share signal between the different rooms.

However, doing the same thing with a satellite can be a more complicated and expensive process, often making TV aerials the preferable option in this case.

TV Services and Content

The kind of content you want to watch on your TV will also have a significant bearing on the signal receiver that is best for you.

In the past, satellite services were the clear winner over free television accessed by aerial as services like Sky subscriptions offered more premium viewing experiences with exclusive sports content and movies.

However, as more and more channels and content become available through a TV aerial, satellite no longer has the monopoly on quality TV.

Subscription services accessed through the internet rather than satellite or aerial also offer more content, potentially making it more difficult to decide which option to choose.

Ultimately, your choice will come down to whichever receiver facilitates the content that you want to watch.


The avid television watcher does not want to be interrupted by a poor or no signal notification, and so a reliable signal is also a big deciding factor.

Satellite is often more reliable as you are less likely to be affected by poor signal from disruptions such as the surrounding landscape or buildings.

However, it is also important to note that poor signal is not always down to the efficacy of your aerial or satellite. An unreliable signal can be caused by a number of reasons, down to the installation itself.

To ensure that you are giving your aerial or satellite the best chance, it is often best to get the help of seasoned professionals that know the best ways to install the equipment. If you need exceptional satellite or aerial solutions, get in touch with our team here at JL Audio Visual today.

A TV with a static screen

Poor Weather

Another potential issue that effects reliable signal can be poor weather. As satellite dishes receive signal from space, they have to pass through far more weather, which can become especially problematic when dealing with storms or more extreme weather. This can mean that your TVs signal is interrupted or lost completely.

As signal has a far shorter distance to travel when dealing with aerial receivers, they can be more reliable, especially if you live in an area prone to poor weather.


Aside from poor weather, other causes of interference can also affect how reliable your signal is. In this case, there are far more causes of interference that will mean problems for aerials rather than satellite dishes.

Interfering sources can include things from 4G and 5G to other household appliances and passing traffic. Satellite dishes are not affected by these issues.

Which is Better?

So, when it comes down to it, which is better, a TV aerial or satellite dish? Ultimately, the answer to that question will rely on what you want out of your TV experience and which factors are most important to you.

As you can see, both options have their merits and disadvantages. Although there is no clear-cut winner, hopefully, we have shown you the kind of things you should consider before making your choice.

Here at JL Audio Visual, we are dedicated to ensuring that you are provided with the best at-home viewing experiences possible. If you would like to find out more about our satellite and aerial solutions for your home, get in touch with our expert team today!

How to Create the Perfect Modern Summer House

Summer houses are a wonderful way to appreciate your garden from a different angle. They’re incredibly versatile, allowing you to enjoy the sunshine and surrounding fauna and flora from a sheltered area.

If you’re looking to improve your summer home experience, why not consider installing an outdoor cinema, a lounge area for listening to music or create the perfect serene space for an outdoor office?

You can find all the tech you’ll need at a competitive price here, at JL Audio Visual. We supply summer house essentials such as signal boosters, cinematic services, home security systems and much more!

A woman reading a book in a chair

Signal Booster for Your Summer House

If you’re looking to utilise your summer house’s space and convert it into a garden office, then you may want to consider a signal booster.

Here at JL Audio Visual, we can easily source and install outdoor Wi-Fi systems for you and your home, such as signal boosters. Signal boosters will allow you to access the Wi-Fi in areas that the network finds difficult to reach alone.

Surround Sound for a Summer House

Nothing feels more like summer than relaxing with friends and family after a BBQ; why not make the evening more enjoyable and add into the mix some great quality surround sound?

Share your favourite music during your garden parties or create a serene and atmospheric space to spend your alone time as you unwind. Here at JL Audio, we offer in-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers, media server integration and much more!

Three people eating popcorn watching a film

Summer House Games Room and Cinema

Whether you have kids running around or you fancy yourself as a bit of a gamer, converting your summer house into a gaming room is a great way to save interior space while also giving you a more authentic and focused gaming session.

The space can be especially useful if you’re looking for a cinematic effect, too! You can easily include a comfy seating area, top of the market surround sound, impeccable visuals and boosted Wi-Fi for the ultimate experience!

Here at JL Audio Visual, we can offer installation for all of these technological advances at a competitive price.

A security camera

Security Systems for a Summer House

If you’re looking to enhance your summer house experience, then you will want to protect your posessions.

Security cameras are a great investment that not only obtain evidence if the worst happens, but also act as a deterrent in the first place, which bodes well for both your home and summer house!

Experience your outdoor living spaces in a different way. Find out how you can transform your outdoor space and summer house, so you can enjoy your garden all year round. Get your quote today by contacting a member of our team!

The Most Common Wi-Fi Problems and How to Fix Them

In recent years, we have all become so reliant on Wi-Fi and a stable internet connection that even the smallest problem can impact our day.

We continue to see the growth of more appliances becoming connected to the internet; from fridges to printers, Wi-Fi connection is no longer only needed for smartphones and laptops.

Working from home has become increasingly more desirable, so having a secure Wi-Fi network that delivers fast and consistent connection has never been more essential.

As Wi-Fi installation experts operating around London and Essex, our team at JL Audio Visual can help provide a range of connectivity solutions, ensuring your home has the perfect Wi-Fi system setup.

Here, we delve into the most common Wi-Fi problems, the reasons behind these issues and how you can go about solving them.

A Slow Connection

Is there anything more annoying than a buffering video or an email that just doesn’t want to be sent?

Many of us will occasionally experience annoyingly slow Wi-Fi. This can be for a number of reasons and will require various fixes.

Router Location

One of the most common reasons behind a slow connection can be the position of the router and your location in relation to it. If you are too far away, connection can become slower and more unreliable.

The Fix:

Just getting a little closer to the router can often help speed up your connection. If this isn’t possible, it might be worth investing in a second router or signal booster to extend your network and reduce the likelihood of a slower connection.

If slow connection is a persistent problem, the issue could be due to interference from other appliances. Move your router to a higher position, away from other appliances to help combat this.

Lack of Bandwidth

Network bandwidth is essentially the capacity at which data can be transmitted. If multiple people are on multiple devices using the internet, there may not be sufficient bandwidth to cover all of them, meaning that connection becomes slow and is prone to lagging.

The Fix:

To fix this, try to disconnect some of the devices that aren’t active to free up some bandwidth.

If bandwidth is persistently slow and many people need internet access at the same time, you may need to consider opting for speedier internet that is capable of supporting all your needs at once.

Some holding their phone and laptop


Already previously mentioned, interference can be another cause behind slow connection. Routers can often end up competing for airwaves with other devices in your house.

The Fix:

Make sure there are no devices in close proximity to your router. You can also switch off any devices that don’t need to be on constantly.

If interference is not coming from devices within your household and is instead caused by a crowded frequency channel that many other nearby homes also use, you can select a less crowded frequency. Most modern routers will automatically choose the least crowded option when they are rebooted.

One Device Refuses to Connect

Another fairly common Wi-Fi issue that can cause irritation is when one particular device won’t connect to the internet. This can be especially annoying when your connection is perfect on all of your other devices!

The Fix:

Often this will just be a momentary issue, and the trusty trick of switching your router off and on again can help you out. Unplug your router and then plug it back in after 30 seconds to see if the momentary glitch has been fixed.

You can also delete your current network that is saved on your device and reconnect it after a moment has passed.

Rebooting the device itself can also be a potential fix.

No Internet Connection

Perhaps the worst Wi-Fi issue of all – when there is no internet connection! This can happen at random points or may be a more frequent problem that you run into often, but what is causing it?

Issues With The Router

A faulty router or modem can be the reason behind a complete drop in internet connection. Older routers may be outdated and simply not have the hardware or updates that will allow for the best internet connection. Periodic lapses in Wi-Fi could be down to glitches with a router that’s on its way out.

The Fix:

You may need to replace your router if this is the case. Wi-Fi speed and solutions are getting more advanced every year, so ensuring you have a capable router will be something to look out for.

Sometimes a glitchy router may be random and will not necessarily warrant replacement. You can once again try to reboot the router by unplugging and plugging it back in to see if this will solve your issue.

A man with a laptop looking thoughtful

Service Outage

When your internet is down, it could be a more widespread problem than one occurring just within your household. Service outages that disrupt internet connection on a large scale can often be the issue causing your lack of Wi-Fi.

The Fix:

Unfortunately, as the problem is not on your end, there is little you can do to fix this. You can contact your service provider to let them know you have been affected, but beyond this, it will be a case of waiting for them to solve the issue.

Forgotten Wi-Fi Password

Sometimes, to regain Wi-Fi connection you just need to re-enter your password, but this is obviously not possible when you cannot remember it!

The Fix:

If, after a hunt for any scraps of paper with the password written on it, you cannot find anything, you will need to reset your router. To default your router to factory settings, use a paperclip or something similar to press the reset pinhole switch located on the back of your router.

If you are at your wit’s end when it comes to poor or slow Wi-Fi connection, get in touch with our expert team here at JL Audio Visual to find out about our connectivity solutions and Wi-Fi installation services.

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5 Tech Trends For 2021

The tech world is no stranger to rapid changes and advancements, especially when innovation is made necessary by disruptive world events like the global pandemic.

As with every year, we expect to see the continuing emergence of new tech trends and developments throughout 2021. How will these trends manifest and what kinds of things will be on the rise in this upcoming year?

If you want to continue into 2021 in the best way and make some of your home tech dreams into a reality, why not get in touch with our team of expert audio-visual consultants to find out how we could help?

More Seamless Virtual Experiences

Whether this means online events that replace in-person experiences or virtual meetings when the office is unavailable, more seamless virtual meeting spaces are expected to become increasingly important.

With the adoption of seamless and high-quality virtual spaces, there also comes the opportunity for brands and organisations to provide a wider range of experiences that are accessible to a broader population.

Improved Working from Home Technology

2020 was a year for many new things and adaptions that will likely carry over throughout 2021, with one of the major changes being working from home.

The pros and cons of working from home are still debated, but everyone can agree that an excellent home setup is necessary for the optimal work-from-home experience.

Trends in 2021 will prompt people to reach for more advanced tech when it comes to making working at home more efficient. We’ll likely see an increase in laptop webcam and microphone quality as zoom meetings remain necessary and preferable.

There will also be an increase in people purchasing podcast-quality microphones and noise-cancelling headphones to ensure communication is as clear as possible even when remote.

A man working from home with a large monitor setup

Widespread 5G

With an ever-increasing reliance on the internet, improved connectivity and faster internet is something that many will be striving for.

Some areas saw the implementation of 5G last year and we will begin to see 5G being rolled out on a larger scale in 2021 to ensure that rural and more remote areas remain connected and up-to-date in the digital world.

Advancements in AI

Recent years have seen the rise in artificial intelligence being used in a variety of ways across industries. From customer service chatbots to important tools in the healthcare industry, artificial intelligence is becoming more ingrained in all areas of our lives and shows little sign of slowing down.

The importance of automation and intelligent risk management for businesses was also made evident by the problems caused by the pandemic. Many will take advantage of these lessons in 2021.

The demand for ethical AI and responsible implementation will also be on the rise in 2021 as people become more aware of how their data is collected and used.

Lines of green code

Autonomous Cars

Although we are unlikely to be replacing our cars with self-driving vehicles anytime soon, autonomous cars are slowly growing in number.

The road to a world filled with cars that won’t require anyone behind the wheel is a long one, but 2021 is expected to see an expansion in autonomous car services and production.

We’ll be keeping a keen eye on all of the upcoming trends this year; there’s plenty more that we haven’t mentioned here!

Which tech trend are you watching out for in 2021?

Best Tech Podcasts to Listen to

The continual popularity of podcasts means that there are a plethora of quality podcasts on every possible subject! Technology podcasts make great audio content because the industry changes so rapidly; there’s always a new gadget or upcoming release to talk about.

As audio system installation experts, we are fans of all things technology; the following podcasts are some of the best that discuss tech news and innovation.

Back to Work

Hosted by Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin, this podcast humorously blends topics of technology, work and communication.

The podcast discusses a range of topics, covering app recommendations, tech events and recent TV shows. There is a focus on work-life balance and how technology can be used to improve our lives and productivity.

This one is for listeners looking for an entertaining but informative podcast experience!

This Week in Tech

This podcast is a staple in the genre and has been running for over ten years, making it one of the central hubs for reliable tech news.

Every week, presenter Leo Laporte and his various guests and co-hosts take part in a roundtable discussion where they investigate the latest tech trends and developments.

This Week in Tech has episodes that span for over two hours, so it’s not one for beginners! If you decide to give it a go, it’s probably best to start with the most recent episode rather than trawling through a backlog of over ten years’ worth of content.

People sat around a table laden with laptops and tech

Technology Untangled

This podcast, as its name suggests, aims to untangle the implications of the future of technology and speculates how the tech industry is going to continue shaping the world.

Host, Michael Bird guides the listener through interviews and stories that tease out questions about digital ethics, sustainability in technology and hyper-converged infrastructure.

With half-hour episodes and simplistic explanations, this is the perfect podcast for those with a casual interest who are looking to learn more and become better informed.

Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole is more of a documentary, rather than a tech talk show like those previously mentioned.

Some might not consider it a tech podcast in a traditional sense, but it does deal with the emerging effects of the internet and how the online world begins to bleed into the real one.

The Times tech columnist Kevin Roose asks how the internet and online culture are beginning to change who we are and how we think.

This binge-worthy audio series is perfect for podcast beginners and true tech enthusiasts alike.

A man using a laptop at sunset

Note to Self

Note to Self’s host, Manoush Zomorodi considers how we can go about preserving humanity in the ever-evolving digital age.

The podcast mainly examines how daily and family life are affected by an increased technological presence.

Where other tech talk shows focus on reviews or news, Note to Self looks at the human perspective and our direct interactions with social media, screen time and the invasion of smart devices, among numerous other topics.

As you can see from our selection here, there is a wide variety when it comes to tech podcasts, whether this refers to format, direction or topic. There is a lot to take from each of these podcasts for both budding tech enthusiasts and seasoned experts.

As professionals specialising in quality home audio and home cinema installation, we can help upgrade your home tech to the next level; why not contact our experienced team today?

4 Best Gadgets For 2020

With the constant releases and updates of new tech, it’s hard to keep track of everything that becomes available.

As experienced audio visual consultants, we like to keep an eye on the latest gadgets and technology that make their way into our homes. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top gadgets to buy in 2020 that are sure to boost your tech experience!

Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up Light

How do you wake up in the morning? Is it with a violent jolt upon hearing your noisy alarm? Well, that kind of rude awakening is no more with this handy light!

The Somneo light is designed to simulate natural sunrise to help you wake up gently. The level of light gradually brightens before your set alarm time when nature sounds or your chosen radio station will turn on to help wake you up completely.

This gadget is packed with other features that make it user friendly and extra functional. It has a sleek touch-screen interface, a soothing noise sound bank and you can even charge your phone via a USB port.

If you’re looking for a more peaceful sleep and wake-up experience, this is the gadget for you!

Apple AirPods Pro

You’d be hard-pressed to find a tech list that doesn’t mention any Apple products, and the AirPods are definitely worth mentioning!

These wireless earbuds are a step up from their predecessor as they offer noise cancellation technology for a more immersive sound experience. In-ear comfort has also been enhanced as the design has been altered to accommodate a silicone tip.

The AirPods charging case alone is also a brilliant piece of kit. It can offer more than 24 hours of listening time and can be charged with a charging mat or lightning cable.

Many users agree that AirPods remain one of the go-to options for wireless listening.

Pair of AirPods

Osmo Pocket

With the ever-increasing popularity of vlogging and online videos, good-quality handheld cameras are frequently being sought.

The Osmo Pocket is a pocket-sized camera perfect for budding film-makers; the stabilising technology gives you clean, professional-looking shots with 4K-capable capture!

The long handle and intuitive controls make this super-efficient camera easy to use and master. For users that find the in-built preview screen too small, you can also link your phone for a larger view.

UE Megaboom 3

Portable speakers with reliable sound are becoming increasingly popular; if you want to up your speaker game, the UE Megaboom 3 is a great piece of kit.

The Megaboom offers a powerful sound and increased level of durability; it has been designed with outdoor use in mind and will give you solid sound in any location. The cylindrical design allows for an impressive 360-degree sound dispersion that can easily fill up a room and more.

This Bluetooth speaker also has the ability to connect with other UE speakers to create a stereo system, giving you a completely wireless and all-encompassing sound experience.

Two Megaboom speakers

From home entertainment expertise to CCTV installation, find out how JL Audio Visual could take your home tech to the next level!