The Benefits of Installing a 4K Security Camera

Continuous advancements in accessible home technology mean that keeping our family and property safe with high-quality security cameras is now easier than ever.

Recent innovations have seen the rise of 4K security cameras, giving home and business owners further peace of mind that they are protected when they most need it.

If you are considering boosting your home security system with 4K CCTV cameras or any other setup, get in touch with our security camera installation experts to find out how we could help.

What is a 4K Security Camera?

A ‘4K’ camera offers a resolution of 3840 x 2160 with over 8 million pixels, whereas a regular analogue security camera will only give a resolution of 640 x 480.

Needless to say, installing security cameras with these capabilities comes with a host of advantages.

It is worth noting that you will need a 4K screen to review security footage from 4K cameras if you want to reap the benefits of the increased resolution.

Increased Clarity and Detail

One of the most obvious benefits of installing 4K surveillance cameras is the higher quality picture they deliver. With cameras that can capture videos in 4K, you will get more detailed footage, allowing for outstanding clarity.

This means you’ll be able to pick up on smaller details, getting clear depictions of license plates, faces and clothing, for example. Capturing these kinds of details will help give law enforcement a better chance at proceeding with potential investigations if there is ever an intruder or disturbance.

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Wide Field of View

As 4K cameras also have higher quality lenses, they can give you a wider image angle.

The increased resolution and wider aspect ratio mean you can cover a larger area with a single camera, giving you better coverage of your property. Regular cameras cannot provide the same extended field of view, meaning you might need to install multiple cameras to monitor an area that a single 4K camera could cover.

This could be especially useful for larger properties that have a lot of key sites to survey.

Retain Details After Zooming In

Security cameras may pick up far off details that could provide vital information, but upon zooming in, you’ll often find that the image becomes too blurry for distinguishable features to be picked out accurately – this is not the case if you install 4K security cameras.

4K cameras have a better digital zoom – the abundance of pixels means you can zoom in while maintaining a crisp image and high level of detail.

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4K is the Future

As 4K increasingly becomes the standard for TVs and other devices, it makes sense to opt for 4K when it comes to other aspects of your home. Future-proofing your investments helps give your home security system the longest lifespan possible.

4K security cameras are far from a fleeting fad and will likely be a firm part of the mainstream before long.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your home security system, contact the JL Audio Visual team to find out how our expert services can help.

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Are Home Security Systems Worth Getting?

CCTV may sound to some like an overpriced option. But the reality of the situation is that it’s quite the opposite.

If you live in an area with a low crime rate, you may find yourself wondering if there’s any point. Maybe it looks like a lot of hassle to set up; whatever the reason for wondering whether you should invest in a security system, it’s always worth considering twice.

This article will explore whether there’s really any significance in setting up home security systems, and how it can help in protecting you, your family, your home and not to mention your possessions.

If you’re in need of any expertise or assistance with setting up your security camera installation, you can contact us or arrange a consultation with our team at JL Audio Visual!

CCTV Can Protect by Preventing

Security systems offer much more than just providing evidence. They can actually prevent the crime from happening in the first place, keeping your family, belongings and home safe.

Burglars will not want to be recognised or have evidence held against them. This will also save you a lot of time, hassle and the heartache of having the worst happen by completely avoiding the break-in in the first place.

If there is a break-in, your security system will automatically notify you and you’ll have access to CCTV evidence to help support you through the process of resolving the burglary.

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Monitor Your Home on the Go

With some home security systems, you can check in on your home while you’re at work or even on holiday. You’ll be able to remotely access your surveillance system, so you can breathe a sigh of relief, even if it’s just to make sure you turned the oven off.

It’s an Investment

The money spent on a security system saves time and money in the future, as well as relieves stress. This allows you to have peace of mind if you decide to go on holiday, or just need reassurance that your family is safe at home.


CCTV from home security systems can be used to help the police with the case of the robbery, as well as in court by being used to provide evidence. The video can also help with backing up your insurance claim too.

There are an array of security systems to choose from, all offer various features to suit your needs. But most importantly, they are long term investments that will help to protect the things that you love.

These are only a few examples of why having a security system can be worthwhile. If you would like to speak to our team of experts today and find out more you can contact us and get a quote.

About the author – Julie Harlow

A self-confessed techno-geek, Julie loves nothing more than keeping up to date with the latest releases, rumours and gadgets. She has been researching and writing blogs for JL Audio Visual since May 2020.

Where to Position CCTV Cameras at Home

Keeping your property safe and secure is a top priority. There can be nothing worse than feeling unsafe or insufficiently protected in your own home.

For many, the installation of CCTV cameras outside, and sometimes inside, their house is an excellent way to deter potential invaders and provide their family with the comforting knowledge that steps have been taken to ensure their safety.

With many years’ experience in CCTV installation, we know how important it is to get home security right. Knowing the best places to position your cameras will be crucial for an effective CCTV setup.

Poor positioning can mean that your cameras will not pick up movement outside of your house or that the picture will be corrupted. If your camera’s view is blocked, any footage will become useless.

Our quick guide outlines some of the best places to position your CCTV cameras for optimal home security and peace of mind!

Number of Cameras

Before having your cameras installed, it will be helpful to think about how many you will require for your security needs. When you have identified the areas that are most at risk, you will be able to figure out the minimum number of CCTV cameras needed. 

When you have settled upon the areas that need protecting, it is a case of finding the best position for your security camera for optimal clarity within that section. 

Main Points of Entry

Securing the doors and windows in your house is essential when endeavouring to achieve the best home security. Outside CCTV cameras will need to be installed high enough above entryways to ensure that intruders cannot disturb or damage the camera feed.

Lower-floor windows that don’t face the street are also particularly vulnerable to potential intruders, so CCTV cameras that include these areas in their scope can prove invaluable.

A security camera overlooking a garage door

Garage Protection

Garages or outhouses that are separate constructions from your home are especially vulnerable. Burglars assume that they are less likely to be protected because you will be in your house, oblivious to anything happening outside.

A camera should be placed high above your garage door to catch any intruders or deter them from breaking in. 

Back Door

Many people neglect to protect their back door because they feel that it is protected by the garden or outside fences. This is not true, as thieves will still invade your home through this entrance. Again, a camera placed above a person’s reach will be your best bet to prevent things from being thrown at it, resulting in damage. 

Covering Large Outside Area

Using wide-angle lenses to monitor your whole garden, driveway or neighbouring streets may also be a good idea if you are particularly worried. These cameras have a larger scope and can be placed high for a more complete view. 

Two different types of cameras attached to a wall

Discrete Cameras

Using a combination of discrete and obviously-placed cameras across all of these locations will also be something to consider. The obvious presence of CCTV will deter some intruders, but in the event that your cameras are destroyed, more stealthily-placed or disguised cameras can provide backup.


When deciding on the exact position of your camera, you should be conscious of potential lighting issues. Excessively bright daylight or overpowering street lamps can wash out the footage, preventing the cameras from being effective.


Correct installation will also be key in ensuring your camera’s effectivity. Without being installed correctly, your camera’s picture quality may be poor, or you may receive no picture at all. Having a professional install your home security system will be your best bet when it comes to making sure everything is set up safely and properly. 

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