The Benefits of Installing a 4K Security Camera

Continuous advancements in accessible home technology mean that keeping our family and property safe with high-quality security cameras is now easier than ever.

Recent innovations have seen the rise of 4K security cameras, giving home and business owners further peace of mind that they are protected when they most need it.

If you are considering boosting your home security system with 4K CCTV cameras or any other setup, get in touch with our security camera installation experts to find out how we could help.

What is a 4K Security Camera?

A ‘4K’ camera offers a resolution of 3840 x 2160 with over 8 million pixels, whereas a regular analogue security camera will only give a resolution of 640 x 480.

Needless to say, installing security cameras with these capabilities comes with a host of advantages.

It is worth noting that you will need a 4K screen to review security footage from 4K cameras if you want to reap the benefits of the increased resolution.

Increased Clarity and Detail

One of the most obvious benefits of installing 4K surveillance cameras is the higher quality picture they deliver. With cameras that can capture videos in 4K, you will get more detailed footage, allowing for outstanding clarity.

This means you’ll be able to pick up on smaller details, getting clear depictions of license plates, faces and clothing, for example. Capturing these kinds of details will help give law enforcement a better chance at proceeding with potential investigations if there is ever an intruder or disturbance.

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Wide Field of View

As 4K cameras also have higher quality lenses, they can give you a wider image angle.

The increased resolution and wider aspect ratio mean you can cover a larger area with a single camera, giving you better coverage of your property. Regular cameras cannot provide the same extended field of view, meaning you might need to install multiple cameras to monitor an area that a single 4K camera could cover.

This could be especially useful for larger properties that have a lot of key sites to survey.

Retain Details After Zooming In

Security cameras may pick up far off details that could provide vital information, but upon zooming in, you’ll often find that the image becomes too blurry for distinguishable features to be picked out accurately – this is not the case if you install 4K security cameras.

4K cameras have a better digital zoom – the abundance of pixels means you can zoom in while maintaining a crisp image and high level of detail.

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4K is the Future

As 4K increasingly becomes the standard for TVs and other devices, it makes sense to opt for 4K when it comes to other aspects of your home. Future-proofing your investments helps give your home security system the longest lifespan possible.

4K security cameras are far from a fleeting fad and will likely be a firm part of the mainstream before long.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your home security system, contact the JL Audio Visual team to find out how our expert services can help.

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