5 Top Netflix Shows to Watch in 4K

Netflix’s ever-increasing roster of TV shows offers a wide range of viewing experiences. With an extensive catalogue of series available in 4K, you can enjoy an evening on the sofa with cinema-level visuals!

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If you’re stuck on what to watch next, consider some of these great shows on Netflix that you can see in 4K.

Shadow and Bone

As one of Netflix’s recent releases, you won’t want to miss this visually stunning show based on the bestselling book series by Leigh Bardugo!

Set in the fictional land of Ravka, the story follows Alina, a young woman who discovers she has the powers of the Sun Summoner. She must learn to use her newfound powers of light to defeat a rift of shadows scaring the land while navigating relationships with friends and foes.

The continual visuals of light and shadows make for a gorgeous and dynamic viewing experience, and the constant action is sure to keep you intrigued.

Blue Planet II

David Attenborough narrates this must-watch nature documentary that takes you on a journey to explore the Earth’s watery wonders.

Set against the backdrop of Hans Zimmer’s atmospheric soundtrack, Blue Planet II treats viewers to ethereal scenes of various forms of ocean life in their natural habitats.

From soaring mobular rays to fish that live in the deepest, darkest abyss, this show teaches you a lot about what lurks beneath the waves.

Two people of a sofa watching Netflix

The Queen’s Gambit

A series about chess may not sound particularly interesting, but this one has certainly been a big hit with Netflix fans.

Set in the 50s and 60s, this series follows the fictional child prodigy, Beth Harmon, as she grows up and wows the world with her chess skills, working towards becoming a grandmaster while battling all the trials and tribulations along the way.

This evocative series based on the book of the same name will leave you thinking about genius, addiction and legacy – and reaching for the chessboard!

Alice in Borderland

With the perfect blend of action, drama and mystery, this Japanese series is sure to have you completely hooked from the very first episode.

The story follows three friends who find themselves in an alternate Tokyo, where they must take part in the cruel life-or-death games if they want to survive.

Alice in Borderland is a thrilling adventure and provides high-energy storytelling from the get-go – a definite must-watch show!


If you want something just as thrilling but slightly more grounded in the real world, the hit show You might be for you.

Here, we follow the obsessive character Joe, a seemingly mild-mannered bookseller who has a simmering dark side about to reach breaking point. Viewers follow Joe’s growing obsession with his neighbour as he begins by stalking her before thoroughly inserting himself into her life.

You know this story is going nowhere good, but you just can’t help but keep watching!

All of the shows mentioned here are dynamic and exciting, making them perfect for enjoying in 4K.

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The Best Movies to Stream This Halloween

The spooky season is slowly creeping up on us, and let’s face it, there is no better way to spend the run-up to Halloween than settling in and watching some festive movies!

Whether you’re a lover of straight-up horror or prefer a bit of family-friendly fun, streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime give us access to a whole plethora of Halloween-related films.

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Halloween (2018)

Would Halloween be complete without, well… Halloween?

This reboot of the 1978 slasher classic pays homage to the original by positioning itself as a sort of meta-comedy. Although you won’t be disappointed with the gore that’s expected from this kind of movie, you might be surprised by how comedic it is. With clever references to the franchise and the genre as a whole, many viewers feel like this is a more successful sequel than any of its predecessors.

The film follows the iconic horror figure Michael Myers as he escapes from a psychiatric facility and heads back to the town where his previous reign of terror took place to pick up where he left off.

This nostalgic slasher, available on Netflix, is sure to send chills down your spine!

A man eating popcorn watching a Halloween movie

Halloweentown (1998)

If you’re not a massive fan of horror but still like to get in the Halloween spirit, this may be perfect for you!

Just released on Disney Plus, this family-friendly movie is packed with cosy October visuals and supernatural adventure. The film follows thirteen-year-old Marnie who learns that she comes from a family of witches. With her family, she visits her grandmother, a good witch, who lives in a town where witches, vampires and goblins roam the suburbs, living normal lives.

The three main characters get up to mischief with their new-found witch powers and must use their talents to save the town from being taken over by an evil spirit.

This fantastical light-hearted movie has all the Halloween vibes without giving you and your family too much of a fright!

Hereditary (2018)

We’re back on the scarier end of the spectrum with Hereditary. This one can be found on Netflix or Amazon Prime for those brave enough to give it a watch this Halloween.

The creepy tale follows the Graham family as they start to learn about their increasingly sinister ancestry, following the death of the family matriarch. They unravel terrifying secrets and experience some horrifying things. Before diving into this one, the less said, the better!

If you’re the sort of person who likes to spend Halloween getting as scared as possible, this one is sure to elicit some sleepless nights!

Netflix on the TV

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What is 4K? A Guide to High Definition Television

4K TVs have been around for a while now – since 2012, in fact. A few years ago, they were mainly seen as a novelty, but over the last few years, the amount of 4K content has exploded, meaning the technology is more relevant than ever.

The question is, are 4K TVs now worth the investment?

Here, we look at what precisely 4K means, the differences between HD and 4K and whether now is the right time to purchase.

What Does 4K TV Mean?

4K is currently the highest widely-available TV resolution. It is called 4K as its width resolution (3,840) is almost 4,000 pixels. 4K TV is also sometimes referred to as Ultra High Definition (UHD).

How Clear are 4K TV Screens?

Currently, the majority of households have Full HD screens which offer a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. 4K doubles this, providing a whopping 3,840 x 2,160 pixels!

The pixels are what provide colour and clarity to your screen, and more pixels mean more precise images. To put the difference from HD to 4K into context, every pixel on your HD TV would fill just one-quarter of an identically-sized 4K display.

Of course, it’s hard to explain the difference in quality without taking the time to see it for yourself. However, many people say that 4K TV, compared to HD, provides a jump in clarity similar to that experienced from SD to HD. Furthermore, the increased pixels means that 4K screens can be built in much larger sizes while still providing improved visuals.

Netflix on the TV

What Can I Watch in 4K?

As mentioned before, back in 2012, 4K technology was primarily a novelty being showcased during major events but not much else. However, as the technology has developed, it’s now easier than ever to create 4K content. As a result, there are now plenty of opportunities to enjoy 4K visuals, no matter what you watch on your screen.

4K Netflix and Movie Streaming

Many of us now use streaming services for our at-home movie nights and weekly entertainment. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and all other major streaming services now offer a plethora of 4K or 4K-enhanced shows that allow you to make the most of your improved visuals. If you want to watch the latest blockbuster at home, you can now enjoy them in better clarity than ever before!

4K Sport

4K in more traditional television has been a little slower on the uptake, so options in this regard are currently still limited. However, sports events on subscription services like Sky and BT are now regularly offered in 4K clarity. At the same time, major free-to-air events like Wimbledon and the FIFA World Cup are also being provided in 4K, allowing you to experience the action like never before.

4K Gaming

Another recent development has been the creation of video games with 4K UHD graphics. Next-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles are being designed to provide 4K visuals; having the setup to match can take your experience to the next level.

Watch HD TV on a 4K Screen

It should be added that, as a general rule, 4K TVs also offer slightly better clarity when it comes to viewing regular HD content. While only slight, the improved technology can enhance your everyday viewing.

Two people holding PlayStation controllers while playing on a 4K TV

Is 4K Worth Buying?

Ultimately, whether 4K is worth the upgrade depends on how much you value your time watching TV.

One thing to bear in mind is that, to experience the real benefits of 4K TV, you need to ensure you purchase a screen larger than your current HD monitor. Generally speaking, the larger your TV is, and the closer your seat is to it, the bigger the difference.

If you are considering purchasing a 4K TV, make sure you have everything you need to enjoy it to the full. Our home cinema installation covers everything, from sourcing the perfect screen to installation, setup and extras including surround sound. If you’re interested, why not give our South-East England team a call and see what we could do for you?