The tech world is no stranger to rapid changes and advancements, especially when innovation is made necessary by disruptive world events like the global pandemic.

As with every year, we expect to see the continuing emergence of new tech trends and developments throughout 2021. How will these trends manifest and what kinds of things will be on the rise in this upcoming year?

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More Seamless Virtual Experiences

Whether this means online events that replace in-person experiences or virtual meetings when the office is unavailable, more seamless virtual meeting spaces are expected to become increasingly important.

With the adoption of seamless and high-quality virtual spaces, there also comes the opportunity for brands and organisations to provide a wider range of experiences that are accessible to a broader population.

Improved Working from Home Technology

2020 was a year for many new things and adaptions that will likely carry over throughout 2021, with one of the major changes being working from home.

The pros and cons of working from home are still debated, but everyone can agree that an excellent home setup is necessary for the optimal work-from-home experience.

Trends in 2021 will prompt people to reach for more advanced tech when it comes to making working at home more efficient. We’ll likely see an increase in laptop webcam and microphone quality as zoom meetings remain necessary and preferable.

There will also be an increase in people purchasing podcast-quality microphones and noise-cancelling headphones to ensure communication is as clear as possible even when remote.

A man working from home with a large monitor setup

Widespread 5G

With an ever-increasing reliance on the internet, improved connectivity and faster internet is something that many will be striving for.

Some areas saw the implementation of 5G last year and we will begin to see 5G being rolled out on a larger scale in 2021 to ensure that rural and more remote areas remain connected and up-to-date in the digital world.

Advancements in AI

Recent years have seen the rise in artificial intelligence being used in a variety of ways across industries. From customer service chatbots to important tools in the healthcare industry, artificial intelligence is becoming more ingrained in all areas of our lives and shows little sign of slowing down.

The importance of automation and intelligent risk management for businesses was also made evident by the problems caused by the pandemic. Many will take advantage of these lessons in 2021.

The demand for ethical AI and responsible implementation will also be on the rise in 2021 as people become more aware of how their data is collected and used.

Lines of green code

Autonomous Cars

Although we are unlikely to be replacing our cars with self-driving vehicles anytime soon, autonomous cars are slowly growing in number.

The road to a world filled with cars that won’t require anyone behind the wheel is a long one, but 2021 is expected to see an expansion in autonomous car services and production.

We’ll be keeping a keen eye on all of the upcoming trends this year; there’s plenty more that we haven’t mentioned here!

Which tech trend are you watching out for in 2021?


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