Full Home Renovation

Exclusive Home Improvement Packages

Are you refurbishing your home or carrying out any building works?

Our extensive range of services means we can add that quality touch, from hiding untidy cables and complete home WiFi installation to interlinked audio systems for every room.

We can provide bespoke packages that are tailored to your unique home revamp.

Technological Improvements for Your Home

Creating a space that feels professional and polished is what we do best.

If you’re creating your dream home office or entertainment room, or want to enhance your property with the latest technology, find out what we can offer today and get in touch.

Our professional team are here to guide you on the best options to complete your home including, hardwired WiFi access point systems, tv ariels, home cinema installation and hiding unwanted cables.

Why Choose Hardwiring?

Hardwired WiFi access point systems for larger scale properties, offices and outhouses ensure coverage & consistent speeds throughout the home. If you have a home office, hardwired points for dedicated office space within the home is a must for computers and printers.

Hardwiring takes the stress off the WiFi system and allows the WiFi to connect solely to products that only use WiFi, like phones and tablets.

Contact Us

Contacting us early is essential to avoid taking unnecessary steps backward in your renovation project.

For more information on how we can help you build your dream home with our bespoke packages or services, get in touch today.

Why Choose JL Audio Visual?

Now is the time to choose JL Audio Visual and get a consultation to work out a cabling plan.

JL Audio Visual can carry out any first fix cabling for:

  • TV Aerial
  • Satellite
  • Internet
  • Home Cinema
  • Multi-Room Audio and Video
  • Security Systems
  • Wall Mounted TV Positions

Book a consultation as soon as possible! This ensures the project does not have to take steps backwards due to chasing cabling or having visible cables, which is not ideal after carrying out a project from scratch.

If you would like to know more about how we can provide the perfect solution for your home, get in contact with our local team today.


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